Case Studies

Finance Case Studies:

  • Data Intake and Analytical Platform

    Data Intake and Analytical Platform

    A global credit analytics firm needed to improve the process of extracting data from the many disparate sources it relied upon. The mostly manual methods used were inefficient and error prone. In addition, the extracted data was stored sub-optimally with little auditability.

  • Outlier Detection Platform

    Outlier Detection Platform

    An enterprise data management firm was looking for a better way to find outliers in fixed income data. It had tried to manually build a series of rules to analyze the data, a time intensive process. Despite this, too many anomalies were slipping through. The firm thought that ML techniques could help, but did not have the expertise on staff to try them.

  • Reliable and High-Performance Trading System<

    Reliable and High-Performance Trading System

    A large options exchange was having problems with the system floor brokers and traders used to access the market. The existing technology was old and slow and bogged down in busy markets. It had problems coping with today’s complex order types and trader workflows. In addition, it was struggling to keep pace with compliance and regulatory reporting requirements.

Insurance Case Studies:

  • Employee Benefits Mobile Platform

    Employee Benefits Mobile Platform

    Beyond all of its hype, blockchain still holds much business value although it does not generate revenue on its own. We know how to implement blockchain to solve your critical business problems and streamline processes.

  • Institutional Contract Management Platform

    Institutional Contract Management Platform

    We could create hundreds of applications for each of your purposes — but only created one to allow you to do the rest, because no one knows your needs better than you do.

  • Automated Data Analytics for a Large Insurance and Asset Management Provider

    Automated Data Analytics for a Large Insurance and Asset Management Provider

    The client is a leading insurance provider and one of the largest institutional investors in the UK, with one trillion pounds under management.

Healthcare & Life Sciences Case Studies:

  • BTQ


    BTQ is a New York-based firm that offers high quality customized financial outsourcing services, including medical billing. BTQ delivers SaaS (Software as a Service) for NYS Health Homes, helping them with accounting and reporting to the Department of Health (DOH) Office of the health insurance program in NY State.

  • Zesty


    Zesty offers online and mobile platforms for booking healthcare appointments. It allows patients to find a private or NHS healthcare provider near them, and book an actual and confirmed appointment in under 60 seconds.

  • Novaseek


    Novaseek Research is a game-changing health IT for life sciences company that transforms how biomedical researchers access clinical data and human biospecimens. Novaseek powers speedy and successful discovery, translational medicine, observational and real world data studies by enabling access to dynamic and longitudinal data and biospecimens from consenting patients via its award-winning Clinical Data Network for Research (CDNR) cloud platform.

Travel & Hospitality Case Studies:

  • Apple Leisure Group (ALG)

    Apple Leisure Group (ALG)

    Apple Leisure Group (ALG) consists of seven world’s leading travel companies that has been providing all-inclusive vacation packages for 16 years. The client distributes the products through its own vertically integrated online travel agencies, including, Travel Impressions, and Apple Vacations.

  • Skyscanner


    Skyscanner is a leading global travel search engine providing comparative price results for flights, rental cars and hotels. Over 50 million travelers use the free, mobile-enabled service each month, which generates revenue by directing customers to providers for booking while Skyscanner partners license the technology to enhance their own websites.

  • DerbySoft


    DerbySoft is a technology company that provides high-performance distribution services to different businesses that work together to serve customers in the hospitality industry. Among their clients are Hilton, the Intercontinental Hotel Group and Marriott Hotels, major Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and metasearch engines.

Media Case Studies:

  • Complete Set of Applications for a Major Music Label

    Complete Set of Applications for a Major Music Label

    The Client is one of the largest music companies in the world, managing some of the largest and most successful recording labels in the music industry, including a number of the most prominent global labels. Among other assets, the client also owns one of the largest music-publishing companies.

  • Author Narrative Tool Application

    Author Narrative Tool Application

    The client is one of the world’s largest, most versatile and up-to-date trade book publishers, employing more than 10,000 people globally. The company has more than 200 editorially and creatively independent imprints and publishing houses that collectively publish tens of thousands of new titles annually.

  • Author Narrative Tool Application

    Applications Suite for a Sports Analytics Company

    The client is one of the leading big data sports analytics companies in the world, delivering extensive data analysis opportunities for sports and playing an essential part in the future of sport for best sport performance and fan engagement.

Internet of Things Case Studies:

  • IoT Connected Home Platform

    IoT Connected Home Platform

    The client is an integrated international energy company that provides home energy management and connected home services to consumers.

  • Sleep Tracking Platform

    Sleep Tracking Platform

    The client is a US based IoT / healthcare company. The client provides sophisticated internet-connected sleep-tracking devices on the US market. The devices are sold to end users and allow them to track various metrics while sleeping.

  • Smart Contracts for Vehicles

    Smart Contracts for Vehicles

    An innovative technology startup that brings new value to a number of industries by applying blockchain technologies.

Retail & Distribution Case Studies:

  • Solution for Analyzing and Estimating the Queue Size

    Solution for Analyzing and Estimating the Queue Size

    When customers wait in line, it’s bad for morale. It reduces customer loyalty and profits while impeding productivity.

  • Machine Learning to Predict Sales and ROI at Points of Sale

    Machine Learning to Predict Sales and ROI at Points of Sale

    The client is one of the world's most famous tobacco companies. The Company distributes tobacco products across a set of geographically distributed Points of Sale (POS). To increase their net sales volume, the company uses a set of marketing techniques to increase the visibility of their products.

  • Increasing Daily Number of Orders by 5x with a Custom Transport Management System

    Increasing Daily Number of Orders by 5x with a Custom Transport Management System

    DataArt designed and implemented a transport management system, with optimal allocation of resources and minimum cost, for a leading online grocery vendor

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