Data Intake and Analytical Platform

Data Extraction & Management Challenge

A global credit analytics firm needed to improve the process of extracting data from the many disparate sources it relied upon. The mostly manual methods used were inefficient and error prone. In addition, the extracted data was stored sub-optimally with little auditability.


Based on a comprehensive review of the firm’s information requirements and workflow, DataArt built a next generation data intake and analytical platform.

It features:

Automated data extraction from tabular and textual sections of PDF financial reports

Data mapping to a standardized taxonomy, with accommodation for non-standardized data

Greater availability of services and resources

(built in disaster recovery)

Custom processing engine incorporating machine learning

Full auditability of data back to original source

Harmonized platform including a web based user interface


  • Quicker processing yet twice as precise as previous system.
  • Non-standard data captured and available for analytic purposes.
  • More efficient taxonomy mapping.
  • Harmonized platform is ‘shovel ready’ for other business lines.
  • Reduced risk and increased regulatory compliance due to audit features
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