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In a world of cyber threats, the need for security consulting is higher than ever before. DataArt consultants and cybersecurity experts help your company adapt, fill crucial gaps and win more business. Our specialists have decades of experience working with clients from finance, retail, healthcare, travel, and IoT industries.

DataArt’s Cybersecurity Consulting Services include:

1. Vulnerability Management

DataArt’s experts help your company to implement an effective Vulnerability Management to safeguard against attacks and threats in the environment. Based on the scanned results we identify the level of risk for each vulnerability and help with remediating these vulnerabilities in a prioritized way. DataArt’s Vulnerability Management Services also help:

  • Build a VM framework that addresses your company’s cybersecurity challenges by introducing a comprehensive and continuous process for identifying, prioritizing, remediating vulnerabilities before attackers can take advantage of them.
  • Stick to defined SLAs and timelines for security patching.
  • Continuously improve vulnerability remediation, updates management and patching processes.

2. Incident Management

The purpose of Incident Management is to restore normal service operation as fast as possible after disruptions. Moreover, once Incident Management practices are introduced to an organization, it allows for minimizing damage after security incidents: reducing post-breach costs and reputational losses, legal and compliance fines as well as eliminating services disruptions. DataArt can help to build and introduce the Incident Management process that enables your company to handle incidents quickly and effectively. Our Incident Management practices are designed to help you save time and diminish vulnerabilities for your customers. For Incident Management we adopt the guidelines described in SANS, NIST and ISO.

3. Threat Management

DataArt’s Threat Management Services help your company detect and respond to threats, investigate, and reduce the probability of being hacked at all. We introduce the following Threat Management processes:

  • Security Operations Center (SOC). Our cybersecurity team continuously monitors and improves an organization’s security environment while collecting incidents from different security components, analyzing them, identifying anomalies, and defining procedures for alerts. Among the key functions of SOC there are critical security ones such as Continuous Proactive Monitoring (for scanning the network to highlight any abnormalities or suspicious activities), Alert Ranking and Management (for examining issue alerts and discarding any false positives), Threat Response (for shutting down or isolating endpoints, terminating harmful processes once an incident is confirmed), Recovery and Remediation (for restoring systems and recovering any lost or compromised data), Log Management (for collecting and regularly reviewing the log of all network activity and communications for the entire company), etc.
  • Threat Hunting. DataArt provides early detection of advanced threats by proactively and iteratively searching for signs of malicious behavior at your corporate network and assets. Hypothesis-based threat hunting activity allows our expert team to find threats stayed invisible to other security controls, identify visibility and monitoring gaps, and to create a detailed analysis and recommendations for constant cybersecurity improvements.
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